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Attendance is Critical

Chronic absence is a measure of how much school a student misses for any reason. Starting in the early grades, the percentage of students missing 10 percent of the school year or more can reach remarkably high levels, and these early absences can rob students of the time they need to develop literacy skills.

Did You Know...?

1 in 10 kindergarten students miss nearly a month of school every year.

10% - Kindergartners who miss 10% of school days have lower academic performance when they reach first grade. Reading scores for Latino children were most seriously affected.

5th Grade - Among children from low-income families, who lack the resources to make up lost time, chronic absence in kindergarten translated into lower fifth grade achievement.

Read More - School Attendance Fact Sheet

Our goal by 2020 is to have 0% of K-3 grade students experience chronic and severe absenteeism.

TTUSD has utilized new strategies and messaging to highlight the importance of school attendance. 


Attendance Works - Advancing student success by reducing chronic absenteeism.

New Teacher Toolkit, Teaching Attendance: Everyday Strategies to Help Teachers Improve Attendance and Raise Achievement. from Attendance Works

Infographic on attendance in the early grades

Infographic on attendace in the early grades (Spanish language)

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The Challenge

Reading proficiency by third grade is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success. Yet every year, more than 80 percent of low-income children nationwide miss this crucial milestone.

The goal of Tahoe Truckee Reads is to ensure that all children in our community are reading proficiently by the end of third grade. We want our children to have the tools they need to be successful in life.